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Getting Back on Track with Slimming World

Getting Back on Track with Slimming World

Forgive me, for I have synned…! If you follow me on Instagram and have seen my most recent stories, you will know that we have just come back from a lovely holiday and then celebrated mine and my husband’s 30th birthday. This has meant food, glorious food, and I have happily tucked in without a thought on…

Slimming World Chocolates

Slimming World Chocolates

OK. Don’t get excited.  They aren’t exactly chocolates. But they are the perfect thing to reach for when you NEED chocolate but don’t have enough syns left. I saw somebody had made this on a Facebook group I am in, so I have had a play around and this is my quick little recipe for…

A Welcome Break

A Welcome Break

We tend to think of reality as something external and absolute, like the sun shining down on us on a hot, lazy afternoon. That sun is really there, whether we believe it or not, right?


Lunchbox Love!

If you follow me on instagram, you may already know about my love affair with lunchboxes – bento style in particular. I enjoy creating fun and colourful lunches for Ted and they are always a labour of love. Sometimes I make him ‘themed’ lunches using shaped cutters and bento picks and accessories, but mostly I try…


Arthur’s 4 Month Update

I am a few days late with this update, but Arthur is now 4 months old! He is usually a smiley, happy, quiet little creature. Some days I hardly know he is there. He is on the whole pretty content and no trouble at all. He absolutely LOVES Ted, and often properly laughs at Ted…


Is it September yet…?

I have a confession to make. I hate the school summer holidays. As a stay at home Mum to two under two, it’s not because I have to find temporary childcare, keep usually occupied children entertained or bid farewell to a tried and tested morning schedule. It’s not because I have to pry a tweenager…


Review: Ecover Washing Up Liquid

Despite the fact that we have a dishwasher, with having two small children there are many things I have to wash by hand – their beloved yumboxes, paint pots, baking trays, and most importantly Arthur’s bottles. Everybody knows the importance of keeping your baby’s bottles clean and sterilised. We have a good routine going where…

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