A Family Meal with Prezzo La Famigilia

We have just enjoyed an amazing family meal with Prezzo where we celebrated hubby’s 30th birthday. Thanks to Prezzo and Britmums, we were invited to try their new La Famigila sharing dish. We opted for a HUGE bowl of our favourite, spaghetti bolagnese and two cheesy garlic breads. It came in an enourmous dish and was the feature of our very little table! The boys found it really exciting the eat this way and it created a really fun atmosphere for what can often be quite a stressful time.

In Ted we have quite a fussy eater and he declared he only wanted the pasta for his tea, which was actually quite easy to do. He slurped up his bowl of plain spaghetti and it was easy to encourage just a few more mouthfuls with the promise of ice cream to come!

Arthur loves food in general and probably ate an entire garlic bread to himself before we had even finished dishing out the pasta! He is very content when it comes to eating and enjoyed grabbing handfuls of bolagnese and stuffing it into his happy little face. He is definitely the messy eater of the family (surprisingly with me coming in a close second!) I was very glad I had packed little aprons for them to cover their close and let them enjoy the dining experience.

Spaghetti Bolagnese is my all time favourite and it has been since I was a child, so it was lovely to share it with my little family. I find eating out with my two quite stressful as sometimes they just aren’t into it, but they sat and coloured together and it didn’t take very long for our food to come out. Me and hubby got to enjoy our food while the boys were tucking it. It was a really nice way to celebrate my husband’s birthday, gathered around the table and sharing a meal. I loved that we were all eating from one dish – no food envy!

Of course no meal out is complete without a dessert, and we each had 2 scoops of delicious ice cream or gelato. This was probably Ted and Arthur’s favourite part, and they were quiet for at least 10 minutes. Me and Mr M had the chocolate and sea salt gelato which was just so yummy! It was a real treat for us all and definitely something we would love to do again.

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