A Welcome Break

A Welcome Break

You may (or may not!) have realised that I have been on a brief blogging hiatus and have not posted recently on here or even on my social media accounts. A number of things lead me to decide to do this, firstly I just felt so short on time that I found it hard to get anything written down, and when I did have some down time I just wanted to relax. I was getting behind on reviews and starting to feel stressed by the blogging world. I am not part of any pods, tribes, #momsquads – I have made some lovely friends through blogging and have my favourites for sure, but I certainly felt like I was on the outside looking in. I couldn’t keep up with everyone’s posts, I wasn’t able to comment on nearly as much as I wanted and felt like I didn’t belong in any of the blogging groups. I become really overwhelmed by the whole thing and decided to step away from it all. I have enjoyed this much needed break and have decided to quietly come back to my little corner of the internet. I am not going to put any pressure on myself and go back to it being about my enjoyment of writing and recording our family moments.

Ted Update

Ted is his usual cheeky self – at 2 years 10 months old he is a force to be reckoned with, full of energy, excitment and incredibly strong willed. He is now going to preschool 3 mornings a week and he absolutely loves it. He is thriving there and drop-offs are easy and quick as he runs in to play with his friends. He is very funny and still adores his little brother, but is getting a little bit too rough at times… He is still Thomas mad and loves playing outside on his bike or scooter. He has turned into a very fussy eater which is something we are finding quite difficult at the moment, with mealtimes being our least favourite part of the day…. perhaps second to…. night time. Ted is not sleeping well at the moment, waking at least 4 times a night (but usually more.) I think this contributed to me taking a break from things, as I have been so exhausted. We really have tried everything – I am going to write a seperate post on the struggles we have been having. I am ever hopeful for an improvement so we shall see what the next few weeks bring.

Ted has been potty trained for ages now and took to it instantly, he has also ditched the dummy which is something I was so worried about but it turned out to be easy! His vocabulary is great and I often forget how young he is when he is able to explain his thoughts and feelings so well. He loves reading and drawing, and we recently bought a tough tray and stand which I hope to keep him entertained with over the summer.

Arthur Update

Arthur is now almost 16 months old and he is a walking, talking, eating machine. Despite his nickname of ‘Baby Arthur’, there is no mistaking he is a toddler now who is desperate to be like his big brother. He is really steady on his feet and just wants to be free – he hates being restricted in the buggy or a carrier! He is generally a happy little soul who is very content. He is learning new words every day which is really exciting – his favourites ones being “Ted”, “Shoes”, “Cheese”, but most of all “Peppa!” which he shouts all day. He is obsessed with her! It is really strange as Ted was starting to move away from Peppa Pig but it turns out she is here to stay. He has lots of teeth now and has been pretty good with teething – I noticed a molar at the top has come all the way through and he hasn’t made a peep about it!

He has a big nap in the morning about 9.30 which I sometimes find quite restrictive – I’d love to be taking him to babygroups or getting out and about but he really needs that nap or he is miserable for the rest of the day. It is currently working out well that he will go down after the pre-school run and then I get a couple of hours to do housework or whatever needs to be done. He is a fantastic eater and loves his food – no worries there! I havn’t taken him to be weighed for ages but that is really only because I am not worried. He has a bottle in the morning and before bed and sleeps through the night. He is getting quite feisty and if he wants something that he can’t have (my hair straighteners, a sharp object, etc) then he has a proper tantrum! It is quite funny really when he is generally so calm but he can throw a paddy if he wants to!

Not much is new with me, I am still working 3 evenings a week and although I can be pretty tired sometimes I do enjoy my job. I have rejoined Slimming World but this week we have all been hit with a terrible sickness bug so I havn’t really been thinking too much about it. I love the online community for SW and hope to contribute more posts and pictures to it as I go along. I am struggling with the lack of sleep at the moment but feel more on top of things around the house. Taking this break has allowed me to get a bit more on top of things which is a really good feeling! We have quite a nice routine going now which I really like and I am trying to fit in some “Me Time” on the nights that I am not working. I have joined a new gym in my area and go there with a friend which I really enjoy. I do feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day and would love to see lots of people that I am just not getting round to seeing. I need to find the time somewhere!

I guess the main thing to note is that I turn 30 this month (!) which I am not particularly happy about to be honest! We are going on a family break for my birthday which I am looking forward to though. Hopefully we will have so much fun I forget how old I am!

So how is everybody? What have I missed? Xx

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