Arthur’s 4 Month Update

I am a few days late with this update, but Arthur is now 4 months old!

He is usually a smiley, happy, quiet little creature. Some days I hardly know he is there. He is on the whole pretty content and no trouble at all. He absolutely LOVES Ted, and often properly laughs at Ted babbling away – it is adorable! He even smiles when Ted wakes him up by shouting “Wake Up Baby Arthur” in his face….!  Not ideal. Nap times are pretty difficult because of this – Ted just continuously wakes him up. When he gets older and needs less sleep I think I will start putting him upstairs in his cot to give him half a chance of a decent nap. For now, I either have him napping on the move or I have Arthur asleep in the front room while Ted and I make Play-Doh Darth Vaders in the kitchen. It is a juggling act that’s for sure but on the whole things are going well – I am often pleasantly surprised by life with two under two.
Arthur seems so big now – I think he would weigh just over 15lbs and is in 3-6 month clothes. I am enjoying matching their outfits a LOT at the moment, much to my husband’s dismay. Twinning is winning, after all.
We are facing a new challenge at the moment…. the 4 month sleep regression. The struggle is real. It is a real thing. I think he is also going through a developmental leap as he is quite grumbly during the day and wants lots of physical contact. Like clockwork his lovely sleep pattern is currently up the spout. I suppose it was inevitable and I feel really lucky with the two night wakings I have been having up until now. I know this is all part of his development so we will just be going with it until this phase passes, and I will be living off coffee. I am feeling it though, for the first time since he has been born. Helpfully, Ted has started to sleep in a little later (It’s only taken 22 months) and now wakes up closer to 7am than 5am, which is a real treat.
Arthur is a super roller and is doing that thing where they roll over immediately when you lay them down, but then has a little whinge as he wants to roll back. When he is on his front Ted says he looks like a snail. Ha! He is really strong and holds his head up well and prefers to be sat up facing out and seeing what is going on. Arthur’s coordination is great – he often reaches out for stuff and grabs it and is enjoying holding little toys and teethers.
Everyone says how much he looks like me – his dark colouring and big dark eyes. (and ears according to my Dad!) He is a very handsome little chap and people often stop me when I am out to say so, which is lovely. He is dribbling loads at the moment and constantly chewing on his hands. I would think he was teething if Ted hadn’t done this for months without getting any teeth until he was 11 months old!
I am really enjoying both my boys at the moment and have moments where I get tearful when I look at them together because I just feel so lucky. What beautiful boys! Xx

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