#BML16 – How was it for you?

What do you get if you fill a room full with bubbly bloggers, verbose vloggers and gifted guest speakers?

BritMums Live!

It was my first ever time attending and during the run up to the event I will admit to feeling nervous for many reasons! Having two babies in two years can really make you lose your identity – adult conversation isn’t something I have had very much of. I have always been a confident person but recently that confidence has waned – and this is just my feelings about me as a person, let alone my blog! I don’t make money from my blog or feature at the top of any lists, but it is something I really enjoy and that I do for myself. So I bought a new dress, got a new hair-do and boarded the 440 National Express service from Bristol to London.

I can not begin to express my good fortune and happiness in immediately bumping into three bloggers that I love, Kerry from All About a Mini Norris, Sarah from The Herniman House and Leanne from A Slice of my Life Wales. They were all so friendly and welcoming that I felt instantly relaxed and knew I was going to have a good time. (It was just unfortunate that I had been rushing across the city with a massive case and was a hot mess when I saw them!) I sorted myself out and headed to the venue with this trio of Welsh lovelies. When we arrived we were greeted by a gaggle of other bloggers, and I was pleased to see Ky from Clementine Rocks and her exceptionally pink and amazing hair.

From here the rest of the days seems like a blur, so here are my highlights from the event:

I actually love her. I had to really give myself a pep talk before I went over to her. I wanted to seem normal but in truth I was totally fan-girling. Thank goodness she is as lovely in real life as she comes across on her vlogs. She was warm, friendly and an all round good egg. She even posed for a selfie.

  • Cherry Healey

I have always enjoyed her documentaries and had actually forgotten she was going to there, so it was a lovely surprise when she popped up on the stage. She was absolutely hilarious. Ferociously honest, empowering, positive and she has some cracking cheekbones. Can’t wait to get her book when it comes out!


  • Julie from Too Fat to Run

What a fab woman! She has created a running resource for bigger women who may not feel comfortable running as they may be worried what other people say. She was engaging and passionate, and I got to have a lovely chat with her as well. Lots of what she said resonated with me, and I am thinking about dusting off the trainers. Watch this space.

  • I won!

I couldn’t believe that I won an amazing prize of video equipment after entering a competition with MAM UK. MAM is a brand that we love in our household, and with the skill and expertise that comes from having two be-dummied babies, I correctly guessed how many soothers were in a vase. I am going to add this skill to my LinkedIn profile. My prize was amazing and I particularly enjoyed the challenge of taking three tripods and some lights on the underground.

(Well done to Sarah and Emily who also won this prize!)

  • Team Nandos

My highest highlight, at the absolute top, was the Saturday evening spent with such a great group of people. I would say 80% of them didn’t know me from Adam (who is Adam!?) but by the end of the evening I felt really welcomed and part of the group. There had been times during the conference where I had been surprised by the lack of warmth from some people I interact with frequently on social media, so for some people that I’ve not really spoken to before to be so fun and welcoming was the icing on the cake. I had a great time, drank cider followed by prosecco (because I am a classy bird) and laughed a LOT. It was so nice talking to adults and imparting my knowledge of Netflix series and all things Jason Bateman.

Thank you to:

TomMartynEmmaDavePapa TontLiskaKerryLeanneSarahDeborah, and Tim for making my first BritMums so fun.


  • Lowest Moment

As a Mum of two under two, sleep is something I remember with a fond sigh – much like Boyzone and Cadbury’s Dream bars. I foolishly thought I would get some sleep this weekend, and whilst I didn’t really help the cause by staying up until 2am, I did not expect to be woken up at 5am by a fire alarm, swiftly followed by a full evacuation of the hotel. The staff at Travelodge would have had more success at herding cats than getting us to the fire point. After a tour of City Road’s pavements, much muttering and fuss, I was unable to go back to sleep.

I see the funny side now, of course.


And finally a huge thank you so my amazing sponsor, Turtle Tots, who made it possible for me to go to this amazing event.

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