Bristots Review – Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

Bristots Review – Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

It’s been a while… life has been getting in the way recently but we are back and raring to go, kicking off with a guest post from my lovely husband after a trip to Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.


There’s a theory in psychology that the wait – the anticipation – of an experience is more pleasurable than the experience itself. When we are on holiday it turns out to be far less than we thought it would be – there are people everywhere. Why are there people??? There are airport queues, bus transfers, sand in your naughty bits and if you’re really unlucky/shifty looking there are full cavity searches.

But before your holiday, just the very thought of jetting off to somewhere sunny is all that keeps you going.


Ted and I couldn’t wait to go to Bristol Museum and Art Gallery!

The fact that it is free entry (there is a suggested donation, which is more than worth it) is not the only reason I like Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, but it is certainly one reason I like Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.

Ted was fond of the ceiling:


We arrived at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery just as it opened on a sunny Saturday morning, which was perfect as the place was practically empty. This meant I could unleash the beast!

Don’t be dirty.

Ted could roam free from the constraints of the backpack carrier and was only greeted by other young children and weary fathers. Plus the occasional MONSTER!!!


The Museum’s taxidermy section is oddly unsettling, the animals frozen in time with slightly unnatural facial expressions, but it failed to damper Ted’s enthusiasm!

Oddly, Ted enjoyed the South West Coast exhibition more than the stuffed exotic animals.


It terns out (HAHA) that there’s a wide variety of creepy crawlies, birds and slithery serpents around the South West, and Ted took great joy in both naming these creatures and letting me know their mating calls.

I was already learning quite a lot.

However, by FAR Ted’s favourite exhibit involved something slightly more exciting…


Merrily humming the tune to Andy’s Dinosaur Adventure (I used to have hair just like that!), we moved through the exhibits (one of which made a noise which absolutely terrified Ted, and I have no idea why).


Exhausted from all the dinosaurs, we rested for a while to look at MORE DINOSAURS and some colouring in. Of dinosaurs.


The dinosaurs were great. But this is Bristol Museum AND Art Gallery. So we ventured towards the Art…and walked away as I realised that Ted may not enjoy the finer points of brushwork.

There are other exhibits we missed – the delicate ornaments of the far East seemed ripe for an insurance claim, and my particular favourite was the star attraction:


This photo captures the precise moment that Ted realised his own – and every man’s – mortality.

Ted loved the animal exhibits, and quite literally defecated in excitement. My one criticism of Bristol Museum and Art Gallery is that the baby change facility feels more like someone’s living room than it does a sterile changing room – and there’s no lock on the door!

I’m not sure why (it wasn’t my twig and berries on exhibit) but this made me feel uncomfortable.

Wait…I hope that was the baby change facility…my god…

Moving swiftly on, by the time both Ted and I were clean, the seventy Italian tourists, complete with cameras and backpacks, just entering the foyer made it clear that our very own dinosaur adventure was over. The blissful morning quiet period had finished; the tranquillity once only punctured by a toddler’s scream had slowly blossomed into a hubbub of activity and what I assume was Italian.

Both Ted and I really enjoyed our time at the museum – so much so that Ted didn’t want to leave. Like, REALLY didn’t want to leave. I was therefore extremely grateful that the museum shop had a small toy dino for the princely sum of £1.60 – the perfect bribe.

And I like to think we all learned something along the way.

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