Getting Back on Track with Slimming World

Getting Back on Track with Slimming World

Forgive me, for I have synned…!

If you follow me on Instagram and have seen my most recent stories, you will know that we have just come back from a lovely holiday and then celebrated mine and my husband’s 30th birthday. This has meant food, glorious food, and I have happily tucked in without a thought on syns, food optimising and keeping on plan. I had a great time – enjoyed meals out, milkshakes, wine, cake, chocolate – all the good stuff, but once the celebrations were over it dawned on me the cost of my thoughtless eating.

Usually when I veer off plan, I try to ignore it and carry on eating what I want, I don’t go to group for weeks and hide from the truth. This time I knew I couldn’t give up and that I had to get myself back to group and weigh as soon as possible. I knew there was going to be a significant gain (and believe me, there was!) but I needed to face up to it, draw a line, and get back on plan. So that is what I did. I walked through those doors, accepted my gain and put things in place to help me get back on track. I reminded myself the reason why I joined in the first place and how well I have done until now. I am still almost 2 stone lighter than after I had Arthur and I HAVE to keep going. I know the plan works for me if I stick to it… simple as that.
I have had a good week so far since I weighed and have been sharing lots of my meals on Instagram – it makes me feel more accountable when I am putting it ‘out there’. My lovely friend made me a Slimming World hamper for my birthday, so I have a steady supply of low syn tasty treats which has really helped to keep me on track. I have a new favourite breakfast – porridge made with alpro chocolate soya, with grated carrots (trust me, it is nice!) and then a chopped apple on top. Really filling and full of speed. Starting the day like this really helps me keep on track and I have been trying really hard.
I know my main problem is boredom…. I often find myself raiding the cupboards when I have nothing better to do and then making bad choices, and this is something I really need to get out of the habit of doing. I have tried to keep busy this week, going to a new toddler group and running errands on foot – a great way of getting some body magic too!
Does this ever happen to you? Here are my top tips for re-finding your Slimming World groove!
– Draw a line under it!
Accept what it is but call an end to your time off and get back on plan as soon as possible. Take control again and try to turn it into a positive.
– Don’t put off weighing in
It is really not that bad, everyone there understands and can give you the support you need to get back on track. Group is a great place to get inspiration, new ideas and the tools you need to succeed.
– Remember what works for you
If you know drinking lots of water has helped you in the past, then get back on it. Need a plan to keep you on track? Sit down and write out your weekly meal plan to help you.
-Ditch the junk food!
When I got back in from Weigh In and saw my gain, it gave me the motivation to throw out all the bad food in the house to keep me from losing my way. I know that if it is there I will be tempted, so simply remove the temptation.
-Revisit your goals
Remind yourself what you are doing this for – do you want to fit into your old clothes or feel confident on holiday? Write it down to help you achevive it.
-Insta Inspiration
What really works for me is following positive and happy people who have done really well on the plan. 3 of my favourites are SpanjeeMrs MummyWright and YlimeSalad.
So far I have had a good week on plan and I am hopeful for a loss on Monday night. I am just taking it a day at a time and hoping to stay focused and positive! Xx

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