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You may (or may not!) have noticed that I have been a little bit quiet on the blog recently. After going self-hosted and going to my first blog conference at the end of June, I seem to have not been able to find enough hours in the day to sit down and write. There have been lots of things I want to write about that have not yet come into fruition. I have a list though! I also am reviewing some great products and will be sharing them as soon as I can. Whilst I may not be posting too often on the blog at the moment, I am really enjoying taking photos and keeping my instagram feed up to date – I recently reached 1000 followers which I am really pleased about. I thought I would write a little post with some updates on life lately and what we have been up to.


I suppose the main update from me (and potentially the reason for my blog neglect) is that I have got a new job. I started feeling ready to return to work and my husband and I looked into our options. I wanted to do freelance social media work but the more I looked into it, the more it seemed impossible in our current situation. I would have to work from home whilst looking after the boys and I just don’t think I would get anything done. I also don’t like the idea of an unstable income or having to search and pitch for work on top of actually doing the paid work. So after a lot of thinking, I took the sensible option and I am now working part-time at a local supermarket, evening and weekends when Mr M is home and able to look after the boys. It is nice to be in the work place again – to be part of a team, have adult conversation and my own income. It just seemed to be the best option for us. I am actually really enjoying it but still don’t feel in any kind of rhythm or entirely adjusted to our new routine. I am sure it will come with time.

I am fully healed and recovered from my gallbladder surgery and feeling generally well. Disappointingly I have been suffering from shin splits and have had to stop running, as I was in absolute agony and to be honest since working all exercise has gone out the window. Hopefully I will get into a groove and be able to pick something up soon. I also have to put my hands up and say despite losing 2 stone 3lbs on Slimming World I am now off plan and have lost my mojo. I need a refocus and to get my head back into the zone! I think the plan is great and do want to continue.

My highlight of the last few months has been a really close friend’s wedding – it was an absolutely beautiful day and I was reunited with some really special friends from Uni. We all shared a flat in London in our second year and had the best time ever – I was entirely emotional and cried with happiness at seeing them all. I shared some of my best times with those girls!

I have also enjoyed a visit from my friend Kerrie, a visit to my parents, the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, a meal out for our 4th wedding anniversary and spending time in the garden with the boys.



Oh Ted. My crazy two year old.

Ted is in a strange kind of nap limbo where he either doesn’t need one at all or needs one desperately – every day is different. He is also waking up at random times ranging from 5am to 7.30 and there is no logic between any of it so I have decided to stop trying to work it out. He is still at his happiest when we are outside and he can run free, and I try to go out as much as I can, but lately I have struggled to find the energy. He is enjoying his drop-in classes at diddi dance, he has been on a day trip with one of my friends which he loved, and we have visited the farm this week too. He still loves his little brother and they both really enjoy each other’s company. Ted is having the usual two year old tantrums, mixed with times of being really loving and cuddly.

The most exciting thing is that he will be starting preschool in September for two mornings a week. I have found a lovely local preschool that takes children from aged two, and now that I am working we will be able to afford him to go for a couple of sessions a week. I think he is really ready for more social interaction and activities and he loved it there when we had a session visit. I can’t wait to see how he gets on!



My little baby is really not so little anymore. Almost 7 months old and weighing 17 odd lbs, he has amazed me at how fast he has developed. He is crawling as fast as lightning (to try and catch Ted), babbling and saying “Da Da”, waving and eating like an absolute champ. He loves his food so much – and will cry if he thinks he isn’t getting any or if Ted has something to eat that he wants! I hope his enjoyment of food continues and we will continue to offer him lots of new things to explore. He has also started to pull himself up so we have had to move the cot down. He is generally a smiley and content little guy which I am eternally grateful for…! When Ted starts preschool I am hopefully going to go to a mum and baby group with him to have some one on one time, but also to try and meet other mums with babies of his age, as I don’t really know any. I would love for him to have some little friends.

He isn’t sleeping so great at the moment (boo!) and got our hopes up by sleeping through ONCE, never to be repeated again. He has gone from waking once a night to three times a night, so we are all quite tired, yet we know from experience (!) that it could be worse. (But it could be better!)

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