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I recently heard about a great project and initiative based here in Bristol, and wanted to share the great cause on my blog. No More Taboo is a Bristol based not-for-profit social enterprise, who are crowd funding to raise awareness and support for those living in period poverty. So what exactly is period poverty? It is the simple fact that there are hundreds of vulnerable women across the UK living in poverty, unable to afford sanitary products and not being able to talk about it. Homeless women, single mothers living on the bread-line are sturggling to make ends meet, and having a period is just an additional stress and challenge for them to face. It made me realise how much I take things for granted – to me I see sanitary items as basics, neccesities – but for others they simply can’t afford them and struggle to deal with their monthly period.

No More Taboo has created an easy and positive way to help by creating a new subscription service called Monthly Hugs. As a subscriber you will receive a monthly box of goodies to help you have a happier period but you will also be helping out those living in period poverty. The box will include ethical goodies as well as treats such as chocolate to give you a boost during your period, and luxurious toiletries to make you feel a little bit better.

I recevied one of these cute boxes and was so impressed by the quality of the products included. I loved the little tea bags and of course the much-needed chocolate. No More Taboo also promote the use of reusuable sanitary products and you can have the option to receive one of these. It is all part of their quest to reduce landfill waste and have a more positive impact on our environment.

You can support this amazing organisation by visiting their crowd-funding page and making a pledge today. There are different levels of support to suit any budget, and you can be part of tacking period poverty as well as giving yourself a monthly bit on indulgence for when you need it most.

Crowd-funding finishes this week so don’t delay – if you want to be part of this movement head over to their website and make you pledge today. Xx

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