Potty Training at Two

Potty Training at Two

Potty training is something that all parents of toddlers have to encounter at some point, but I hadn’t thought we would be doing it just yet with Ted. We introduced a potty to him shortly after his second birthday, just having it around the house and talking about what it was for. He was a little bit interested and would sit on it from time to time, but that was as far as it went. We would sit him on the potty in the evening before his bath but we never really were trying to potty train him, just get him used to the idea.

A few weeks ago we were at a friend’s house, who’s daughter is potty trained. She went upstairs to use her potty and Ted was really interested and excited for her! He kept telling me she was using the potty and he talked about it for days afterwards. Then one night he was in the bath with Arthur, and he asked to get out to do a wee. (very considerate!) We were a little bit shocked but took him out and off he went. The next day when he woke up, he said to me “Mummy, I’m going to do my wees in the potty today!” So I put him in pants for the day and we talked a lot about the potty – we watched videos on YouTube and read some books. He preferred not to wear anything on his bottom half that day, but that allowed him to use to potty easily and he did pretty well on his first day. I was impressed! He was excited by the whole thing and seemed to understand.

The next day I decided to encourage him to be fully dressed – and that’s when things got a little bit trickier. He did well if I asked him if he needed to go, but didn’t really want to take his pants down. He had a few accidents and a few successes, and I decided we would keep going. On the third day, I felt like we took a step back as we had so many accidents that day. I started to doubt if he was ready, although he was keen not wear nappies. I rang his preschool who have been brilliant at supporting us with potty training, and they were happy for me to send him in without nappies – just lots of spare trousers and pants! He did really well at preschool with their help and I was so pleased when I picked him up and he had been dry all morning. They even gave him stickers! From that day, he has been dry ever since, asking when he needs to go with no accidents. By following his lead it has been a pretty painless experience and I am really proud with how well he has done. He is 28 months old and a great communicator who knows what he wants! I think this has been key to him taking to potty training so well.

Here are some top tips for potty training!

  • Introduce a potty to the house way before you think they are ready so that they can get used to the idea
  • Talk lots about going to the toilet – introducing books and stories or programs
  • Accept that accidents will happen and that is all part of the learning process – don’t get angry with your child, just deal withe accident and move on
  • Give lots of praise when you have a success – I will never forget the proud beam on Ted’s face!
  • If after a while it still isn’t working, there is no harm in stopping and waiting. It is best to wait until your child is ready

So now I only have one child in nappies – I can hardly believe it. Are you potty training your little one? Let me know in the comments below Xx

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