Review: Canny Mum Bamboo Wipes and Nappy Liners

Review: Canny Mum Bamboo Wipes and Nappy Liners

At times it feels like my day is a mixture of nappy changes and cleaning up mess, so I was pleased when we were offered the opportunity to try out Canny Mum bamboo wipes. They are luxurious and super soft wipes which can be used for…. anything! I have really put them to the test over the last month and can confirm they really CAN be used for anything – make-up removing, yogurt wiping-up, surface cleaning, spill-mopping, nose-blowing and so much more. I have been impressed by the durability and strength of the product – it is gentle on the skin but also has the ability to withstand a lot of liquid. Throughout the time we have been using them, not a single one has disintegrated in my hands – a pet hate of mine with kitchen roll and cotton wool etc. It has been great to have such a high quality yet gentle product to use on Arthur at nappy changes. He is still so young and small with delicate skin and this has been great – no irritation whatsoever. I dip them in warm water and use for a nappy change, and then use a dry one before putting on a clean nappy. I like to use these as wipes when we are at home to have a break from traditional disposable wipes – they are kinder on his skin and biodegradable.

As a mum to two boys under two and in nappies, I am often concerned about the impact we are having on the environment with the number of disposable products we go through as a family. I would love to use cloth nappies with the boys but just don’t know where to start, so this has been a great way to try something different which is also environmentally friendly. The wipes can also be used as reusable nappy liners or boosters, and some in a big roll of 200 wipes. I have used ours for various things on a daily basis, and we are still going on one roll.
I have also used them for myself on my own skin when removing make up. I dab some of my cleanser and toner onto them and use as I would cotton wool. They are really soft on my face and fully remove my make up using just one wipe. I have also been known to use them for cleaning down the kitchen sides, Ted’s mucky high chair and when cleaning out the fridge.
Some facts about bamboo:
  • Bamboo is a more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to other natural fibres.
  • Bamboo has a luxurious soft feel, is naturally anti-bacterial, thermal regulating and does not generate static.
  • Bamboo has also many ecological benefits; it is biodegradable, it has a natural ability to grow very quickly and bamboo fibres are more easily extracted than those of some other natural fibres.
  • Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and it can grow a meter or more per day. This growth occurs naturally where sustained by rain water.
    I have been so impressed with these wipes and they have become a staple in our house – I would recommend these to any busy mum who needs a good quality wipe to rely on. These luxury wipes are also affordable and can be bought for as little as £5.45 per roll of 200 wipes. Great quality and value to make your life a little bit easier! Xx

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