Review: Ecover Washing Up Liquid

Despite the fact that we have a dishwasher, with having two small children there are many things I have to wash by hand – their beloved yumboxes, paint pots, baking trays, and most importantly Arthur’s bottles. Everybody knows the importance of keeping your baby’s bottles clean and sterilised. We have a good routine going where we soak the bottles, wash them thoroughly to remove all milk residue, rinse them and then finally sterilise them. Over the last few weeks I have been putting Ecover washing up liquid to the test with our household washing up and I have to say I have been very impressed by the results.

Ecover uses plants and minerals and prefers to use ingredients that have naturally occurring cleaning properties rather than chemicals – such as sugar and coconut oil. The formula is gentle on your skin but cuts through grease and dirt just as well as our usual brand of washing up liquid. It has cleaned some stubborn, baked on food from my oven dishes as well as thoroughly and gently cleaning out the baby bottles. I have become quite taken with the brand as I love the idea of using gentle and natural products in our home as much as possible – they have a full range of laundry and household products I want to try. Both of the boys have sensitive skin and I try to be mindful of what I am using on them as much as possible. The products are also all animal cruelty free.

Did you know that foam and bubbles aren’t an indicator of cleaning performance and has no impact on how well a product works? Most brands add foam boasters to their washing up liquid but Ecover cleans just as well without using this type of known chemical.

I have also been pleasantly surprised by the cost of Ecover products – they actually cost similar to what we pay for the brands we currently use, so I am going to start making the switch and adding Ecover products to our weekly online shop. They are widely available in supermarkets and  I am also quite keen to try some of their fragrances – the washing up liquid also comes in pomegranate and lime which sounds pretty interesting!

I recently went to Bristol International Balloon Fiesta as a Talk to Mums Mumbassador for Ecover and handed out samples to the masses enjoying the festival. I was so amazed by how many people already knew and loved the brand before I even got to tell them about it! In fact, many of them were telling me about it instead! Whilst I was there I volunteered to help run the NCT baby changing tent and got to speak to lots of lovely parents. Bristol is a self-proclaimed green city, and it is clear that living sustainably is really important to parents living here. Many people were already using the laundry products or keen to find out more, and had nothing but praise about how well the products worked. It is clear that Ecover really does appeal to the parent market who are wanting to make a brighter, greener future for their children, and also that green really can clean! #greencanclean

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