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We recently had the opportunity to try out some new toddler snacks from Cow & Gate – a range of unique and exciting tastes called The Super Yummies. What initially appealed to me most about these snacks was the simple fact that they were ‘different’. I am always keen for Ted to try new things and this seemed like a great way of incorporating new flavours in a fun and simple way. I loved the notion that it would be easy to introduce different fruits and vegetables to Ted with minimal fuss.

The range consists of dried fruit pieces and vegetable slices, breadsticks, rice cakes, and a variety of fruit and yoghurt pouches – all in unique and interesting flavour combinations. The first thing Ted tried was a coconut and mixed berries fruit pouch:


The fruit comes in handy pouches, perfect for when you are on the go. As we were at home and we are trying to encourage Ted to feed himself, we squeezed it out into a bowl and gave him a spoon to get on with it! And he did. He ate the whole lot and seemed to really enjoy it – his first experience of coconut! A flavour I have never seen used in toddler food before but I can’t think why not – it is a delicate and delicious taste, and Ted definitely enjoyed it. We also tried the Apple and Forest fruit flavour yoghurt pouch which was gone in a matter of minutes – he loved it!

We were also sent a packet of the spinach breadsticks to try which, to my excitement, came in a resealable bag. Why don’t all snacks come like this! It was great to be able to keep them fresh and he enjoyed dipping them into some hummus. These were a flatter shape than a traditional breadstick and perfect for dipping or taking with you out and about.

Next Ted tried the beetroot and parsnip slices. He was so intrigued by this new texture that he spent a lot of time handling them and trying to crush them in his hands! This wasn’t a problem for me as I think at this age they should be exploring in this way. He wasn’t so keen on the beetroot, but ate the parsnip ones when he had finished playing with them! I tried these too (cheeky!) and thought they were sweet and unusual. Great to have a snack that kept him occupied before eating it!


The final snack we tried was the trusty rice cake. These came in another excellent flavour combination – apple and orange. Ted loved these and after just one he said “more snack?” and continued to ask for more – so he must have liked them!


I think this is an absolutely brilliant range of toddler snacks and it is really refreshing to see something new and different. From the playful packaging to the unconventional flavours, The Super Yummies definitely bring something new to the toddler snack market. I will definitely buy them for Ted again.

The Super Yummies are available in all major supermarkets and you can check out the full range here.

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