Too Fat To Run?

Too Fat To Run?

After a postitive and inspiring chat at Britmums Live with Julie Creffield, I am pleased to announced that I am an ambassador for One Big Fat Run!

One Big Fat Run is all part of Julie’s quest to get overweight women running through her online community and business, Too Fat to Run. It is a virtual running event designed for plus size women or those new to exercise to get out there and get running. You can take part in the event wherever you are in the world, on July 31st, and be part of a huge and supportive online community. The event will be coordinated on social media and hopefully will see thousands of women run, jog or even walk 5K on the same day. I for one will be taking part – and you can too!

I am building up to the event by completing the Too Fat to Run 5 weeks to 5K programme. This is perfect for me as I am still recovering from my surgery and unable to go flat out. I am able to go at my own pace and do what feels right for my body. This is great as a gentle way of getting back in to exercise. Tonight I went out on Run 1 of the programme, in the rain, and took away these key points:

  • No one cares
  • Good music is key
  • Run somewhere pretty
  • I need a better bra
Sweaty Selfie or it didn’t happen

Also… I use the word ‘run’ quite loosely. There was definitely walking. But it is better than sitting at home watching telly and doing nothing at all. I know that when I complete the 5K on the 31st July I won’t have the fastest time or miraculously be super fit – but it will be my best. I will know that I have done something for my own health and well-being and it will be a vast improvement from where I am right now. After recently losing two stone on Slimming World, I am ready to get moving!

I think One Big Fat Run is perfect for women like me, whose bodies have changed after pregnancy, who have limited funds, time and energy but want to exercise. You don’t need any specific gear (although good trainers would be great), you don’t have to be anywhere at a certain time, you just have to make the commitment to yourself and fulfil it anyway you can around your family life. I think it is a way of taking some control and celebrating who you are.

You don’t have to be fat or female to join it – it just so happens I am both ? If you fancy setting yourself a challenge and doing something for yourself, then this is just the thing for you!

Will you join me on July 31st for One Big Fat Run – a free, virtual 5k??? Sign up here and let me know if you are doing it – we can support each other and cheer on our successes! I will be posting updates of my training over the next few weeks and I am really excited to be part of such a great initiative. Let’s do this!

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