Turning 29…

Turning 29…

Today is my birthday. I am 29 years old.

I am a married woman, a mother to two beautiful boys. I have the occassional grey hair (#GarnierNutrisse) and wrinkles when I smile. I have had jobs that I loved, jobs that I hated and now I raise a family. I know what I like and who I am. Being 29 is going to be OK….
But 30…?!
I can’t be nearly 30? I still listen to Paramore! I am sure I was at university 5 minutes ago? I can’t even parallel park! I ring my Dad if something stops working in the house?! Do 30 year olds do that?
It is safe to say I am going to struggle with 30. It just seems so… Adult! A new box to tick on forms, unable to describe myself as a twenty-something… 30. THIRTY! Three actual Zero.
The impending 3-0 is making me not be happy about being 29. It’s just too close. Don’t 30 year olds have dinner parties and talk about Chechnya? (Bridget Jones reference for you there…) I eat Flumps and talk about CBeebies!
Next year I am probably going to do a full-blown Rachel.
This is me on my 19th Birthday.
A casual 10 years ago.
I remember it like it was yesterday!
My friends put cling film over my bedroom door, got me a giant cake from Asda and bought me a diabolo. We went to see Fall Out Boy at Brixton Academy and my friends made me believe they had met Pete Wenz whilst I was at the bar. I wore a studded belt, converse, excessive eyeliner and straightened the shit out of my hair. We drank cider and black, danced all night and got the night bus home. It was the best birthday ever, with the best people ever.
Today I am spending the day with my little family, counting my blessings. It will be different to that birthday 10 years ago, but just as special. I definitely will NOT thinking about May 25th 2017.
oooh, I don’t know about youuuu, but I’m feeling Twenty…. NINE!
How did you feel when you turned 30? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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